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Chancel Windows

img_4000The three altar lancets (tall arched windows) depict the Holy Trinity. The left lancet — the Father — shows God giving the Ten Commandment tablets to Moses. The center lancet — the Son — features Christ, bounded by the Last Supper below and the horse and banner of the Resurrection above. The right lancet — the Holy Spirit — is represented by a descending dove. Below are the “tongues of fire” touching the faithful on Pentecost.
img_6563Renaissance painter Giotto is central. His contemporary St. Francis of Assisi is above and the Bell Tower of the Duomo of Florence, designed by Giotto, is below.

The Labor Window shows Jesus calling Peter and Andrew from their nets to become “Fishers of Men.”


The Science window shows Luke the Physicians, healing a cripple. Above the pestle and mortar are indicative of his work, and below, the crutches of the healed are cast aside.


St. Cecilia, patron saint of music, plays a small pipe organ. Angels above and below praise with cymbals and trumpet.