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Nave Windows

In the nave and one more in the chancel, eight aisle windwos represent Old and New Testament forefathers (G-I), the Virgin Mary (J), and founding fathers of the Anglican church (K-M) and the Episcopal church of Maryland (N).

The Abraham Window, located in the chancel behind the choir, God’s hand prevents Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac at the funeral pyre. A ram (top), the actual sacrifice, is caught by the horns in a bush.
David, in king’s garb, carries his harp and an olive branch (symbols of peace). Above is the Star of David and below is the lion lying with the lamb (symbol of peace).
The scroll with the cross depicts Isaiah’s prophesy that the Messiah will come. The figure of Jesus at the wine press presages His agony and solitude. Isaiah 63:6 “I have trodden the wine press alone”.
Archangel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she will bear the Son of God. The lily symbolizes Mary’s purity; the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit.
Peter holds the keys to the Kingdom. Paul, seated, has a pen and an epistle.
St. Augustine, having established the first Continuing See in England, is dressed in a bishop’s cope and miter, caring a crozier (symbolizing authority) and a ship (symbolizing his missionary journey).
Thomas, Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury during the Reformation, authored the 1549 prayer book.

Bishop Clagget, the first bishop of Maryland, carries the crozier with the seal of the Diocese of Maryland above and the seal of the State of Maryland below.