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Planned Giving

Website Logo-1Planned Giving has been described as many things.  “A Living Legacy” is a popular and fitting description, capturing the donor’s wishes to perpetuate something he or she holds dear.  Here at The Church of the Holy Trinity, we believe planned giving may be better described as a way to imprint or “touch” future generations, preserving that spiritual connection that is the essence of what makes Holy Trinity our spiritual home.   Just as Holy Trinity serves today as a place of community worship, lifelong spiritual growth, and shared service, a planned gift leaves a lasting imprint on future generations who seek that same connection.

As you have given generously to the church throughout your life, please consider making a planned gift to The Church of The Holy Trinity as your way of leaving your spiritual imprint on future generations. In addition to supporting the parish’s ministry and mission, planned gifts are a unique way to express your personal values, continue the stewardship of your life, and “touch” the lives of others after you have passed on. Leaving a planned gift to Holy Trinity’s mission reminds the next generation of your enduring faith and beliefs.  There is no better way to demonstrate your spiritual commitment, and no better time than right now to begin.

The Planned Giving Committee of The Church of The Holy Trinity is working to bring you timely information about ways to designate and fund a planned gift.  Please check back regularly for information and tools as they are finalized.  Be sure to also read the “Pay it Forward” planned giving column of the monthly Holy Trinity newsletter, “Lifeline”, and look for other periodic planned giving news in Holy Trinity’s weekly e-mails and church bulletin.