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Buildings & Grounds

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The mission of the Building and Grounds Committee is to care for the physical plant and property of the Church of the Holy Trinity. Our buildings and grounds are sacred, historical, and beautiful. They also are heavily used by our active community.  As a result, they require timely and loving care. Under the leadership of the Junior Warden, the Committee:

  • Monitors the conditions and safety of Holy Trinity’s building and grounds;
  • Responds  to the requests, concerns, and thoughts  of the Rector and the congregation related to the Church’s buildings and grounds;
  • Carries out routine repairs that do not require outside contractors;
  • Solicits bids from and monitors the work of contractors;
  • Works with the Vestry and Finance Committee to review, authorize, and finance major building and grounds projects;
  • Annually, produces a list of major repair, restoration, and construction projects with priority scores and cost estimates to assist in the parish’s planning and budgeting efforts.

The Committee welcomes new volunteers to assist in its work.