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Daughters of the King

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The Order of the Daughters of the King is organized as a religious order of Lay Women. Each of us takes a lifetime vow to live by the Rule of the Order. This requires a spiritual discipline of daily prayer, service and evangelism. Because of our vow, we refer to ourselves as an order, not an organization. Our bylaws prohibit the raising of funds. We are women of courage who have made a commitment to serve God our King. Members undertake a rule of life dedicated to prayer, service and the spread of God’s kingdom.

DOKInstall-8-4-13We meet once monthly for a time of prayer together at which time we review our personal prayer list, noting who continues to need our supplications. We ask that those who ask for our prayers keep us informed as to the progress of those for whom we pray. Our group is small 6 to 8 but we do have members at large in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We welcome any who would like to visit to see just what it is we do. We meet on the second Monday of the month at the Parish House at 10:45 am. Our meetings usually last about an hour and end with a group prayer session.

We have organized a parish Day of Prayer for the Children of the World. We have organized the Lenten Wednesday Soup and Salad Suppers. We provide the Rector with the names of any in the parish as well as the larger community who might benefit from a visit from him and we call on shut-Ins and deliver flowers to the local nursing homes. We are a diverse group of women who love one another as we love and serve the Lord. You would be most welcome.